Beyond Compare 4.2.10 专业文件对比工具绿色版

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Beyond Compare 是一套由Scooter Software推出的内容比较工具软件。除了可以作文件比较以外,还可以比对文件目录、FTP目录及压缩文件的内容等。因为这些功能,Beyond Compare被应用于版本控制及数据同步的工作上。此外,通过额外安装的比较规则,亦可作MS Word文本、MS Excel之间的比较。



  • 文件比较、合并
  • 文件夹比较、合并、同步
  • 机器码比较
  • Mp3、图片及注册表比较

更新日志 – MAY 28, 2019
Notable Changes
Windows: Added support for Windows 10 case sensitive folders.
Windows: Fixed various issues with OneDrive profiles.
Cloud Services
Windows: Fixed OneDrive support for deleting folders.
Windows: OneDrive authentication now uses the default system web browser instead of an embedded one.
Windows: Fixed hang/crash if the OneDrive authentication dialog was shown twice within a single running instance of BC.
File Views
Unix: Fixed detecting character encoding errors when comparing files.
Folder Compare
Windows: Added support for Windows 10 case sensitive folders.
Windows: Embedded web browser used for “View as Webpage” and “Check For Updates” will now use newer Internet Explorer engines, up to IE11, if they’re available.
Added Beyond Compare’s CPU architecture to Check for Updates query.
Picture Compare
“Auto Scale”, “Blend Toggle”, and “Difference Offset” are no longer stored with session defaults.
Text Merge
Fixed position of “File Info” panel.



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