SecureCRT/SecureFX 8.5.3 终端仿真器中文汉化便携版 x64

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  • 广泛的终端仿真:
    VT100,VT102,VT220,ANSI,SCO ANSI,Xterm,Wyse 50/60,和 Linux console 仿真(带有 ANSI 颜色)。
  • 优秀的会话管理特性:
    新的带标签的用户界面和 Activator 托盘工具,最小化桌面的杂乱。会话设置可以保存在命名的会话中。
  • 协议支持:
    支持 SSH1,SSH2,Telnet,RLogin,Serial,和 TAPI 协议。
  • Secure Shell:
    Secure Shell 加密登录和会话数据,包括以下支持:
    – 端口转发使 TCP/IP 数据更安全
    – 口令,公钥,键盘交互和 Kerberos 验证
    – AES,Twofish,Blowfish,3DES,RC4,和 DES 加密
    – X11 转发
  • 文件传输工具:
    VCP 和 VSFTP 命令行公用程序让使用 SFTP 的文件传输更安全。
  • 脚本支持
    支持 VBScript 和 JScript 脚本语言。


Changes in SecureCRT 8.5.3 (Official) — February 12, 2019


– Treat the key-exchange algorithm as
synonymous to the curve25519-sha256 algorithm.

Bug fixes:
– Under certain circumstances, tiled session did not resize correctly
after resizing the Command window.
– If the default session protocol was set to something other than
TAPI and the Quick Connect protocol was changed to TAPI, attempting
to configure TAPI produced an error.
– If the Screen.get2() scripting function was called, line drawing
characters in the terminal window could be corrupted.
– When a large scrollback buffer was configured, the scroll bar could
get stuck at the top of the scrollback.
– SecureCRT now prevents multiple Connect bars from being added to
the toolbar.
– SSH2: If the public key in use was generated with the ssh-keygen
-Z option, SecureCRT could crash when attempting to enter the
– Windows: When SecureCRT was maximized or full screen, if the font
was zoomed in using CTRL+ or the mouse wheel, attempting to zoom
out using CTRL- or the mouse wheel did not work.
– Windows: If Python 3.x was installed on the system and the
PYTHONPATH variable was set, SecureCRT could fail to launch.
– Windows: When “Background colors” tab status indicators were used
and enough sessions to fill the tab bar were connected, there was
a significant lag when connecting new sessions or closing
– Mac/Linux: The Session Manager was always shown at startup even if
it was closed prior to closing SecureCRT.
– Mac/Linux: If a logon script was running in a session and a large
amount of output was received, not all of the output was displayed.
– Mac/Linux: If a script was launched using a mapped key, the menu
item “Cancel” was not available on the Script menu.
– Mac: If the global options “Paste on middle button” was set, the
Confirm Paste dialog continued to be displayed after the Cancel
button was pressed.
– Mac: The Zmodem Upload List browse dialog did not honor Chinese
– Mac: When using a Wacom tablet and stylus as the mouse, the mouse
pointer would not always reappear in the expected location.
– Mac: If text with trailing newlines was pasted into the Connect
bar, the text was not visible.
– Linux: Recently used scripts and sessions could not be selected
using the mnemonic.

SecureCRT 8.5.2 (Official) — November 15, 2018

New feature:

– Added support for the curve25519-sha256 key-exchange algorithm.

Bug fixes:

– If an OpenSSH format key was manually added to the host key
database, SecureCRT crashed when attempting to connect to a host
that used that key.
– If the Session Manager was pinned and the active session had keyword
highlighting on and it was toggled off by selecting “Keyword
Highlighting” from the Options menu and then the Session Manager was
hidden, keyword highlighting was re-enabled.
– Windows: In the Command Window, if the option “Send Characters
Immediately” was set, pressing CTRL+A selected all the text in the
Command Window instead of sending the CTRL+A to the session(s).
– Windows: When using the mouse wheel to scroll session output, there
was a dead spot in the terminal area where scrolling stopped if the
mouse cursor was positioned there.
– Windows: Attempting to display the Activator’s About box caused an
error message to be displayed.
– Mac/Linux: If the Session Manager was undocked and redocked, the
terminal area size changed.
– Mac: SecureCRT could crash if a session had a dependent session and
the wrong password had been saved for both sessions and the wrong
password was entered when attempting to connect to the session.
– Mac: If CTRL+<down arrow> was used to select multiple folders in the
Session Manager or Connect dialog and then arrow keys were pressed,
the selection could not be cleared.
– Linux: On Ubuntu 18.x, when running Midnight Commander, if CTRL+O
was used to show and hide panels until there was no command prompt
and then Midnight Commander was restarted as root and CTRL+O was
used to hide panels, the command prompt was at the top of the window
and new output was displayed incorrectly.


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